Live shows


April 8th, Rue de la Senne, Brussels, as BZMC, with Low Jack, El-G

April 7th, Diamant d’or, Strasbourg, as BZMC, with Low Jack, El-G

April 6th, Cave 12, Geneva, as BZMC, with Low Jack, El-G

April 5th, Mirage Festival, Lyon, as BZMC, with JASS

April 4th, Le Bourg, Lausanne, as BZMC, with Low Jack, El-G

April 2nd, Boschbar, Zurich, as BZMC, with Low Jack, El-G

April 1st, Hirsheneck, Basel, as BZMC, with Low Jack, El-G

March 10th, Singsang, Malmö, as BZMC, with Low Jack

March 9th, Alice, Copenhagen, as BZMC, with Low Jack

March 8th, Pudel, Hamburg, as BZMC, with Low Jack, FX

March 7th, Arkaoda, Berlin, as BZMC, with Low Jack

March 6th, Pracht, Leipzig, as BZMC, with Low Jack

March 3rd, WORM, Rotterdam, as BZMC, with Low Jack

March 2nd, Garage Noord, Amsterdam, as BZMC, with Low Jack

March 1st, Kultura, Liege, as BZMC, with Low Jack

February 2nd, Trabendo, Paris, as BZMC, with Equiknoxx, DJ Lycox, Clara!, Low Jack

February 1st, La Verrière, Reims, as BZMC, with Chicaloyoh

January 31st, le 3 pièces, Rouen, as BZMC, with Chicaloyoh





November 11th, Schiev Festival, Brussels, as BZMC, with El G, Clara!

November 10th, Het Bos, Antwerpen, as BZMC, with Laaraji

October 14th, Maintenant Festival, Rennes, as BZMC, with Clara!

October 12th, Unsound Festival, Krakow, as BZMC

October 6th, Instants Chavirés, Paris, as BZMC, with Tomoko Sauvage, Felicia Atkinson

October 3rd, Uh Festival, Budapest, as BZMC, with Croatian Amor

September 9th, Seanaps Festival, Leipzig, as BZMC, with Rabih Beaini, Kate NV…

August 4th, Dijle Festival, Mechelen

July 24th, Croisière MU, Paris

June 29th, Point FMR, Paris with Goat

June 25th, Strange Sounds From Beyond Festival, Amsterdam, with Sun Ra Arkestra, Lena Willikens, Black Merlin

June 24th, Vera Club, Groningen

June 2nd, UBU, Rennes, with Via App, Mioshe

APRIL 29, Mondo Muzak Festival, Milan, with Bear Bones Lay Low, as BZMC

April 21, Rokolectiv Festival, Bucharest with Silent Servant, Amnesia Scanner, as BZMC

April 10, Boschbar, Zurich, with Somaticae, as BZMC

April 8, Klub Kegelbahn, Lucerne, with Somaticae, as BZMC

April 7, Ecurie, Geneva with Somaticae, as BZMC

April 6th, Le Bourg, Lausanne with Somaticae, as BZMC

April 5th, Grrrnd Zero, Lyon, with Somaticae, as BZMC

March 25th, STRP Festival, Eindhoven, High Wolf meets Cairo Liberation Front special project

March 23rd, Convergence Festival, London, High Wolf meets Cairo Liberation Front special project



December 16th, Editions Gravats Night, Paris, with Sean Canty, Opera Mort, Low Jack, as BZMC

December 4th, Novas Frequencias Festival, Rio de Janeiro, as BZMC

September 15th, Del Monte Speakeasy, Los Angeles

September 14th, Non Plus, Los Angeles, with Gregg Kowalski, Chicaloyoh

September 3rd, Trans Pecos, New York

August 27th, Flussi Festival, Avellino, with Mark Fell, Felix Kubin, Don’t DJ

August 19th, Missing Numero Festival, Vitre, with Tav Exotic, Kaumwald, Francesco Cavaliere

August 6th, Vision Festival, Brest, with Doplereffekt, Bernardino Feminielli, La Honte

June 10th, Eindhoven Psych fest, High Wolf vs Cairo Liberation Front special live show

May 27th, Schauspiel Nord, Stuttgart, as BZMC

May 26th, Klub Ujezd, Prague, as BZMC

May 25th, Mosilana Hub, Brno as BZMC

May 23rd, Rhiz, Vienna, as BZMC

May 21st, Brutal, Warsaw, as BZMC

May 20th, Spitzalna, Krakow, as BZMC

May 19th, Acud, Berlin, as BZMC

May 18th, Pracht, Leipzig, as BZMC

May 17th 2016, Glasbaeserei, Frankfurt, as BZMC

April 30th, Asian Culture Center / Undocumenta film festival , Gwangju (Korea)

April 21st, Musee Beaux Arts, Angers, as BZMC

April 17th, Cafe Oto, London, with Don’t DJ

April 16th, Surrey Vault, Bristol, with Don’t DJ

April 15th, Soup Kitchen, Manchester, with Don’t DJ

April 14th, Fuse Art Space, Bradford, with Don’t DJ

April 9th, Trabendo, Paris, as BZMC with Dj Paypal, Heartsick, Qoso

March 12th, X, Rennes, as BZMC with Noir Boy Georges

February 25th, B.U Droit, Nantes, as BZMC

February 18th, Superbuddha, Turin, as BZMC, with Dracula Lewis

February 17th, Periscope, Lyon, as BZMC with Raymonde

Feburary 16th, Klappfon, Basel, as BZMC

January 15th, Cafe Oto, London, as BZMC with Low Jack, JiFlure

January 14th, Portland’s Arms, Cambridge, as BZMC








October 10th, Outfest, Lisbon, as BZMC with Low Jack, Russel Hasswell, Peter Brotzmann, Golden Teacher
October 4th, Jardins Synthétiques Festival, Toulouse, with Crypto Tropic
September 10th, Phono Festival, Odense, as BZMC and Low Jack, with Tapes, Atom tm
August 15th, PikNik Festival, Brasilia
August 14th, Orb, Sao Paulo
August 9th, Kino Beat Festival, Porto Alegre, with Frank Bretschneider
August 6th, Baleapop Festival, St Jean de Luz
August 1st, Archstoyanie Festival, Nikola Lenivets / Moscow, with Torn Hawk
June 25th, Fusion Festival, Berlin
June 19th, Futura / Barbes Beats Festival, Paris with Visionist
June 18th, as Black Zone Myth Chant, Instants Chavirés, Paris with Low Jack, Pied Gauche
June 13th, Stereolithe festival, Nancy with Chicaloyoh, Room 204, Gratuit
June 1st, as Black Zone Myth Chant, Buka, Milan, with Valerio Cosi, Broken English Club
May 18th, as Black Zone Myth Chant, Grrrnd Zero, Lyon
May 16th, as Black Zone Myth Chant, Klubi, Zurich, with Low Jack
May 15th, as Black Zone Myth Chant, Romandie, Lausanne, with Low jack
May 8th, as Black Zone Myth Chant, Bordeaux, Cafe Pompier, with Low Jack
April 28th, as Black Zone Myth Chant, Berlin, Acud, with Low Jack
April 26th, as Black Zone Myth Chant, Rotterdam, Worm, with Low Jack, Le Revelateur
April 25th, as Black Zone Myth Chant, Dusseldorf, Salon des amateurs, with Low Jack
April 24th, as Black Zone Myth Chant, Hamburg, Kraniche, with Low Jack, Nika Son
April 23rd, as Black Zone Myth Chant, Liege, Cercle du Laveu, with Low Jack, Low Comittee
April 22nd, as Black Zone Myth Chant, Amsterdam, Occii, with Low Jack, Aun
April 21st, as Black Zone Myth Chant, Groningen, De Gym, with Low Jack
April 15th, as Black Zone Myth Chant, Reims, L’appart cafe, with Low Jack
February 20th, Stellar Swamp Festival, Brussels, with Mars Red Sky, Moaning Cities
February 19th, Treize, Paris, with Low Jack
February 18th, Le Temps Machine, Tours, with Tomaga and Nah


December 6th, Ateliers Claus, Brussels, with Tav Exotic, Pizza Noise Mafia, Fyoelk, The Durian Brothers
November 29th, Klappei, Antwerp, with Milan W, Richard Colvaen, Svarte Greiner
October 22th, Nana Hari, Tokyo, with Chanson Sigeru
October 21st, Chikyu-Ya, Tokyo, with Masaki Nakazawa
October 18th, Bullets, Tokyo, with Hakobune
October 16th, Superdeluxe, Tokyo, with The Goardie Approach
October 15th, Jebidabang, Seoul
October 12th, Studio Zemi, Seoul
October 5th, Socrates, Kyoto
October 4th, IFJK, Kyoto, High Wolf / Chicaloyoh duo
October 4th, Manga Museum, Kyoto, High Wolf / Chicaloyoh duo
September 20th, Levitation Festival, Angers, with Moon Duo, Loop, White Hills, Quilt
September 18th, Incubate Festival, Tilburg, with Mick Barr, Caudal
September 12th, Haperende Mens Festival, Amsterdam, with Actress, Skull Catalog, Amen Dunes
September 10th, El Camino, Caen, with Chicaloyoh
August 29th, Chaudelande, Chaudefess with Colombey, Klaus Legal, Mr Marcaille
August 17th, Venlo, Zomerparkfest, with Acid Mothers Temple, Demdike Stare, Perc
August 8th, Helsinki, Flow Festival, with Evan Parker, Kemialliset Ystavat, James Holden
July 27th, Rome, Half Die fest
July 5th, Oslo, Elektrofjord, With Binar, Torsten Klick
June 15th, Nice, Dojo, with Thomas Williams
May 25th, Istanbul, Arkaoda, with My Empty Phantom
April 26th, Clermont, Hotel des vils, with Feromyl, Chicaloyoh
April 25th, Lausanne, Le Bourg, with Chicaloyoh
April 24th, Basel, Oslo 10, with Chicaloyoh
April 23rd, Strasbourg, Hall des Chars, with Miss Coree, AV2, Chicaloyoh
April 22nd, Wurzburg, Cairo, with Chicaloyoh
March 23rd, Nantes, le Lieu Unique, with Panda Bear, Sonic Boom, Minimal Bougé
March 21st, Antwerpen, Stockholm, with Damo Suzuki, Chicaloyoh
March 20th, Gent, Vooruit, with Chicaloyoh
March 19th, Courtrai, Cinepalace, with Chicaloyoh
March 15th, Lille, CCL, with Chicaloyoh
March 14th, Rouen, 3 pieces, with Chicaloyoh, Prairie Litière
January 26th, Gothenburg, Gothenburg international film festival
January 25th, Falkoping, Galleri Sho
January 24th, Stockholm, Ars Birthday at Sodra Theatre, with TM404, Demdike Stare
January 23rd, Aalborg, Northern beat festival
January 22nd, Skive, Drivhuset



November 22nd = Pau, Acces festival

November 12th= Prague, Pilot Klub, with OOS

November 11th = Brno, Kabinet Muz with OOS

November 10th = Katowice, Ars Camelaris festival with OOS

November 9th = Wroclaw, Pod Palacykiem

November 8th = Leipzig, Zoro with OOS

November 7th = Berlin, Urban Spree with Orchestra of spheres

October 26th = Birmingham, Bring to light festival, with Shangaan Electro, Robedoor, Gnod

October 24th = London, Cafe Oto, with Masaki Batoh

October 19th = Eupen, Meakusma, with Karen Gwyer

September 22nd = Los Angeles, Synchronicity, with Warm Climate and Sun Araw

September 21st = Bakersfield, Belle terrace, with Righteous Acid

September 20th = Oakland, Das Rooftop, with Aja Vision and Chicaloyoh

September 19th = Oakland, Life Changing Ministry, with White Poppy and Vestals

September 17th = Sacramento, Bows and arrows, with Chicaloyoh

September 15th = Arcata, Birdhouse, with Ensemble Economique and Chicaloyoh

September 12th = Portland, Mississippi studio, with Eternal Tapestry and Chicaloyoh

September 9th = Seattle, Electric tea garden, with Chicaloyoh

September 7th = Raleigh, Hopscotch Festival, with Charalambides

September 4th = Asheville, Blackout Effectors, with Chicaloyoh

September 3rd = Atlanta, 529, with Chicaloyoh

June 3rd = Berlin, Monarch, with Aidan Baker

June 1st = Bremen, Die Freise with Strange Forces

May 30th = Leipzig, with Strange Forces and Electric Electric

May 29th = Hamburg, Pudal with Strange Forces

May 21st = Petrozavodsk, Center of national culture and folk art

May 18th = St Petersburg, SKIF festival, with Volcano the bear and more

May 17th = Moscow, Winzavod with Volcano the bear

April 30th, APNews, Zurich

April 28th, L’Ecurie, Geneve, with Eternal Tapestry and Gnod

April 27th, La Cruda, Milano

April 26th, K4, Prague

April 25th, Fluc, Vienna, with Raju Arara

April 24th, Postgarage, Graz

April 23rd, Malacarne, Verona

April 22nd, Spazio Targa, Genova

April 21st, Velvet Club, Torino, with Gianni Giublena Rosacroce

April 19th, Neon, Rimini

April 18th, Dal Verme, Roma

April 5th, Apollo Festival, Bayonne, with A Hawk And A Hacksaw

April 4th, World Minimal Festival, Amsterdam, with Konono nr 1, Awesome Tapes From Africa

February 5th, 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff, withWrongs

February 4th, The Corner House, Cambridge, with Kelvox 1

February 3rd, The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield, with Trans/Human, L’Oeillère, Cowtown

February 2nd, Shhh Festival, London

February 1st, South Street Art Centre, Reading, with Sun Skeletons

January 31th, Wharf Chambers, Leeds, with Neil Campbell & Mick Flower, Hookworm

January 30th, The Old Hairdresser, Glasgow with Noma, Flaccid Haus

January 29th, Summerhall, Edinburg, with King Rib, Wounded Knee

January 27th, The Menagerie, Belfast

January 26th, Triskel Art Centre, Cork

January 25th, Whelan’s, Dublin, with Cian Nugent


December 21st, La Nicchia Dei Artisti, with Cannibal Movie

November 22nd, Scheldapen, Anvers, with Plankton Wat

November 21th, Alchouette, Tournai, with Plankton Wat

November 20th, Espace B, Paris, with Dudu Tsuda

November 19th, Stakhanov, Nantes, with The Ex

November 18th, Barbey, Bordeaux, with The Ex

November 17th, 3 Pieces, Rouen, with Prr Ltr

October 27th, Zemlika Festival, Durbe (Latvia), with Petrels, Rob Lowe

October 15th, XP, Beijing, with Zhang Shouwang, Cloud Choir, The Last 3 Minutes

October 12th, Jianghu, Beijing, with Djang San

October 11th, Yu Yin Tang, Shanghai, with Give Band

October 10th, Strategic Sounds with Purple Pilgrims, Caligine, C.U.N.T

October 7th, Gasometer, Melbourne, with Rites Wild

October 5th, The Square, Sydney, with Benoit Pioulard, Secret Birds

October 4th, JWC, Brisbane, with Benoit Pioulard, Mist

September 29th, Format, Adelaide, with Rites Wild, Doe

September 28th, Sound Summit Festival, Newcastle (Australia), with Rites Wild, Secret Birds, Radio People

September 27th, PICA, Perth, with Erasers, Stina

September 5th, Fetsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin, Icas suite festival

September 4th, Night & Day, Manchester, with Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura

September 1st, The Others, London, with Ambrosia, The Female Band

April 28th, Emo’s East, Austin Psych Fest, with Bombino, Sun Araw, Peaking Lights, Prince Rama…

April 26th, Red 7, Austin, with Indian Jewelery, Christian Bland…

April 22nd, The Saint, New Orleans, with Chicaloyoh

April 20th, 529, Atlanta, with Chicaloyoh

April 19th, Izzy, Aheville, with Aswara, Chicaloyoh

April 17th, Strange Matter, Richmond, with Mutwawa, Chicaloyoh

April 16th, CD Cellar, DC, with Chicaloyoh

April 15th, M Room, Philadelphia, with Muckwracker, Chicaloyoh

April 12th, Shea Stadium, New York, with Alan Watts

April 10th, Death By Audio, New York, with Future Shuttle, Chicaloyoh

April 9th, Gay Gardens, Boston with Cave Bears, Gay Shapes, Chicaloyoh

April 7th, The Burlington, Chicago with Deastro, Chicaloyoh

April 6th,Public House, Milwaukee with Turbo Negro, Chicaloyoh

March 11th, Taiga, St Petersburg, w/ Grouper and Love Cult

March 10th, Актовый, Moscow w/ Grouper and Love Cult

February 11th, Batofar, Paris, W/ James Ferraro
January 29th, Sonic, Lyon W/ Cankun, Holy Strays
January 14th, Le Temps Machine, Tours W/ Ensemble Economique and Joseph Ghosn
January 11th, Worm, Rotterdam with A Winged Victory For The Sullen
January 10th, The Hague, Bas Workshop
January 8th, Occii, Amsterdam
Januray 7th, Olympic Café, Paris with Ensemble Economique, JSLPC,
Januray 5th, Bon Accueil, Rennes (Félicia Atkinson’s art show opening)


December 19th, Embobineuse, festival Nuits D’Hiver, Marseille, with Cankun
November 26th, Espace B, Paris with Chicaloyoh, Cankun, Je suis le petit chevalier
October, Elevate Festival, Graz with Acid Mothers Temple, Hype Williams, Dylan Ettinger
October 18th, Loopholes, Berlin with India Indios
October 15th, Kantine Berghain, Berlin, with Sun Araw
October 14th, RTT, Bruxelles, with Bear Bones Lay Low and Innercity
October 13th, Villa Verkhein, Liège with Sister Iodine, Nathan Bowles
October 11th, Instants Chavirés, Paris with Blood Ceremony
August 13th, Bad Timing, Cambridge with Ensemble Economique
August 12th, Vortex jazz club, London with Andy Stott
August 11th, Outer space church, Brighton with Ensemble Economique
August 7th, Singsang Studio, Malmö with Skeppett
August 5th, Sejero Festival with Shackleton, Ensemble Economique, Awesome Tapes From Africa
July 17th, Hangar Bicocca, Hundebiss Night, Milan with Floris Van Hoof, Dj Bongo Man
July 16th, Lodi, Dumb Skateboard White Night
May 22nd, Le Violon Dingue, Nantes, with Chicaloyoh
May 20th, Some Cool Bar, Verona, with Chicaloyoh
May 19th, Hybrida Space, Udine, with Chicaloyoh
May 17th, Dal’ Verme, Roma, with Chicaloyoh
May 16th, Elastico, Bologna, with Chicaloyoh
May 15th, L’Usine, Geneva with The Conformists and Chicaloyoh
May 13th, Le Bourg, Lausanne with Chicaloyoh
May 11th, Shari Vari, Rouen with Chicaloyoh and Prairie Litière
April, Hasselt featuring Helvette
March 19th, SXSW Dublab showcase, Austin
March 18th, The hideout, SXSW Not Not Fun showcase, Austin
March 18th, International Tapes showcase, Austin
March 17th, Brave New Books / SXSW NNA Tapes Showcase, Austin
March 12th, Landslide, Los Angeles, feat Deep Magic & Sadistic Candle
March 8th, Public Fiction, Los Angeles, featuring Sun Araw, Deep Magic, Sadistic Candle et M.Geddes Gendras
February 22nd, Hemlock, San Francisco, feat Jefre Cantu, Psychic Handbook, Sean Johanessen
February 21st, Life Changing Ministry, Oakland, feat Psychic Handbook & Sean Johanessen
February 19th, Silver Tiger, Berkeley, feat Psychic Handbook, Sean Johanessen & Rob Magill
February 16th, Villanova, Davis, feat Sean Johanessen & Davy Bui
February 13th, Loft, Arcata, feat Starving Weirdos
Feburary 10th, Substation, Portland, feat Plankton Wat & Super Minerals
February 6th, 46th ave, Portland, feat Plankton Wat & Super Minerals
February 4th, Cairo, Seattle, feat Panabrite
January 23rd, Booze Cooperativa, Athens, feat Lunar Miasmah, Bruised Lee


November 22nd, The Lexington, London, feat Gnod, Ananas Pyramidalis
November 20, 2010, The Fuel, Manchester, feat Gnod, Astral Social Club, Pascal Nichols
November 12, 2010, Club Setubalense, Lisbonne, feat G.Goncalvez, P. Magina, P.Y2K
October 29, 2010, Grnnd Zero, Lyon, feat Archers by the sea, Motherfucking, Holy Strays
September 29, 2010, Vacant, Tokyo, feat Topping Bottoms
September 25, 2010, Morgana, Tokyo, feat Topping Bottoms
September 24, 2010, Secret Show, Tokyo, feat Topping Bottoms
September 18, 2010, Moremorepotch, Kanazawa, feat Topping Bottoms & Asuna
September 14, 2010, Bears, feat Topping Bottoms
September 11, 2010, Daytribe, Nagoya, feat Topping Bottoms
September 8, 2010, Sunsui, Osaka, feat Topping Bottoms
September 4, 2010, Superdeluxe, Tokyo, feat Topping Bottoms
30/06/10, Sandbar, Manchester, feat Gnod, Astral Social Club and Ananas Pyramidalis
28/06/10, 60 million postcards, Bournemouth, feat Yaard and Ananas Pyramidalis
25/06/10, Culture Lab, Newcastle, Feat Ananas Pyramidalis
24/06/10, The 13th note, Glasgow, Feat Nackt Insecten and Ananas Pyramidalis
23/06/10 Canon’s gate, Edimburgh, Feat Ananas Pyramidalis
22/06/10, Chameleon, Nottingham, Feat Ananas Pyramidalis
15/06/2010, Grand Théâtre, Angers, High Wolf featuring Chicaloyoh
22/04/2010 L’Ecurie, Brussels, High Wolf featuring Bear Bones Lay Low
20/04/2010 Atelier Tibet, Ghent, High Wolf featuring Hellvete
17/04/2010 Maakhaven, Den Haag, High Wolf featuring City Hands
05/04/09 Le Pixi, Paris, Festival Black Mass Rising, featuring Gnod
04/04/2010 L’Epicentre, Cherbourg, High Wolf featuring Gnod & Chicayoloh
03/04/2010 La Bascule, Rennes, High Wolf featuring Chicayoloh


22/06/2009 Ocii, Amsterdam, High Wolf featuring Uton & Ben Reynolds. With  Pocahaunted & Sun Araw
20/06/2009 The Luminaire, London, High Wolf featuring Uton. With  Pocahaunted & Sun Araw.


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