Black Zone Myth Chant – Feng Shen (LP, Editions Gravats)



High Wolf / Durian Brother (split 12″, Diskant)

High Wolf – Khôra : standards of abstraction (cs, Consternation)


High Wolf – Growing Wild (LP, Leaving Records)
Black Zone Myth Chant – Mane, Thecel, Phares (LP, Editions Gravats)
Black Zone Myth Chant – Judgement Mixtape, mixed by Low Jack (CD, Editions Gravats)
Kunlun – Time remaining : unknown (LP, Audiomer)


High Wolf – Live (cd-r, winged sun)
Black Zone Myth Chant – Straight Cassette (LP reissue, Laitbac)


High Wolf – Freedom or death (CS, Shelter Press)

High Wolf – Kairos / Chronos (LP, NNF)


High Wolf / Kunlun – split 7″ (Great Pop Supplement)

High Wolf – Know Thyself (CS, Sun Ark)

Iibiis Rooge – Hespherides (LP, Weird Forest)


High Wolf – Atlas Nation (LP, Holy Mountain)

High Wolf / Annapurna Illusion – Split (LP, Group Tightener)

High Wolf – A Guide To Healing (7″, Bathetic)

High Wolf – Etoile 3030 (CS, Not Not Fun)

High Wolf – Tour 2011 (Cdr, Winged Sun)

High Wolf / Topping Bottoms – Wait For A While (Book + Cdr, Kaugummi Books)


High Wolf – Ascension (LP, Not Not Fun)

High Wolf – Incapulco (LP, Sergent Massacre)

Iibiis Rooge (Astral Social Club + High Wolf) – Iibiis Rooge (LP, Dekorder)

High Wolf – Shangri L.A (CD, Moamoo)

High Wolf – Japan Tour (Cdr, Winged Sun)

High Wolf – Untitled Tape (CS, Crooked Tapes)

High Wolf / The Savage Young Taterbug – Bored Fortress Series (7″, Not Not Fun)

High Wolf / Mazaki Nakazawa – Split (CS, Winged Sun)

High Wolf / Annapurna Illusion – Soul Division (CS, Winged Sun)


High Wolf – Animal Totem (CS, Not Not Fun)

High Wolf – High Wolf (Cdr, Winged Sun)

High Wolf – Gabon (CS, Winged Sun)

High Wolf / Altar Eagle / Pillars of Heaven / Caligine – Essential Elements (CS, Stunned Records)

High Wolf – Supermodern Temple (CS, Krayon Recordings)

High Wolf – Incapulco (Cdr, Winged Sun)


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